Green Line


  • Biodegradable (DIN 13432). From corn and other sugar plants.
  • Lasts about one to two years on the plant. Can also be cut well at higher temperatures.
  • Length 30 m, colours brown and green.


Textil Strip
Art. no. 7780

  • Biodegradable
  • Made of cotton
  • Elastic – grows with the plant
  • Length 160 m
  • Reasonable price

BIO Wrapping Tape

  • The slightly stretchable tape is suitable for fixing and fixing of young vines, trees and other plants.
  • Lasts about 2 years on the plant
  • Biodegradable

50 mm wide, 100 m long
Art. no. 7738 brown
Art. no. 7739 green

30 mm wide, 100 m long
Art. no. 7738.30 brown
Art. no. 7739.30 green


MAX-Line Jute Paper Cord
Art. no. 7761

  • Ø 4 mm, 300 m p. roll
  • For knotting by hand or for stapling with the HR-F binding pliers
  • Not elastic. For short term bonds


Jute Wire String
Art. no. 7902

  • Reliable throughout the whole season
  • Easy release when branches are cut
  • Jute is soft and supple
  • Glides smoothly preventing skin burn
  • A natural product
  • 250 g, 190 m p. roll